Develop and enhance your speechwriting ability through this six-week, evening program designed to give you the theory and practical skills you need to be a knowledgeable policy resource and trusted communicator for your principal. This program combines expert instruction, analysis of today's hot-button policy issues, and in-depth speechwriting assignments. You'll hear from a distinguished roster of seasoned speechwriters and top policy analysts, and network with fellow communications professionals. Utilizing the knowledge and techniques learned throughout the program, you'll compose and deliver a capstone policy speech and receive feedback from experienced speechwriters.

Learn how to:
  • Understand your principal's voice and policy positions
  • Write about policies that are new to you
  • Present complex policy in everyday language
  • Identify the core message
  • Craft an audience-centered message
  • Integrate expert opinion and research analysis to support your arguments
  • Effectively organize a clear policy speech
  • Utilize effective support for your arguments
  • Employ appropriate style for the issue

Program Details

Who should apply?
Speechwriters and aspiring speechwriters on Capitol Hill, in the Administration, or in policy-oriented non-profit organizations. For aspiring speechwriters, preference will be given to those currently in communications roles.

For more information, including the dates of the next program offering, contact Becky Turco at [email protected].