Sample Program Schedule
All sessions will run for 90 minutes.

Session 1: Introduction to Effective Leadership
  • Overview of the Series
  • The Foundational Elements of Leadership
Session 2: What Great Leaders Can Teach Us
  • Develop a leadership paradigm based on lessons from highly successful leaders in the contemporary period
Session 3: Virtual Staff Ride at the Battle of Gettysburg
  • Use historical lessons to illustrate, discuss, and apply timeless leadership practices to your current role
Session 4: Decision-making
  • Recognize the role of decision-making within your leadership responsibilities
  • Learn several decision-making models you can add to your tool belt
Session 5: Developing Your Team
  • Coach and mentor your team to create efficiency today and long-term effectiveness over time
Session 6: Communicating With Your Team
  • Empower your team through encouragement tailored to each individual's preferred language of appreciation
Session 7: Leading Change
  • Explore a proven methodology for change management
  • Apply the concepts to a large or small-scale change you seek to implement at work
Session 8: Leadership Seminar
  • Real-world leadership case study
  • Discuss leadership challenges and, drawing upon content from the program, workshop effective solutions as a group

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