Program Syllabus
All sessions will run online from 6:00 - 8:30 p.m. ET

Session #1: Challenges and Opportunities of the Current Communications Landscape
Tuesday, September 14
  • Identify and understand the biggest obstacles and opportunities for conservatives in today's communications environment.
  • Learn how to employ the mission-focused mindset necessary for communications success today.
  • Ask and answer 4 critical questions before any communications opportunity.
  • Engage, equip, and activate your audience to advance your mission.

Session #2: Policy Entrepreneurship with Christopher Rufo
Tuesday, September 21
  • Learn the secrets to gaining traction for your most important ideas from a high-profile filmmaker, investigative reporter, and influential policy entrepreneur.
  • Develop a strategy to layer your content for maximum exposure and influence.
  • Discover how to build your public persona to get your message out.

Session #3: Leverage the Unique Power of Storytelling
Tuesday, September 28
  • Learn how our brains and bodies respond differently to stories than to hard data.
  • Identify the right stories that amplify your message.
  • Develop storytelling techniques guaranteed to make you more persuasive.

Session #4: Packaging Your Ideas for Impact
Tuesday, October 5
  • Learn how to win your audience's attention and keep it.
  • Master the technique of packaging your policy ideas in small-format consumables that will actually reach and influence people, including policy makers.

Session #5 will cover two topics:
Tuesday, October 12

1) Leveraging Traditional and Digital Comms Outlets
  • Gain an overview of the communications outlets you can utilize to get your message out.
  • Learn how to employ communications techniques within a larger, high-level strategy.
  • Learn how to work with the media to overcome the challenges conservatives have.

2) Pro Panel: A Deeper Dive on Communications
  • Hear from a panel of communications professionals on how policy experts can brand themselves on social media and further their messages in authentic ways.
  • Gain insights into how to shift narratives and the grounds for policy debates.

Session #6: How to Quantify Changed Hearts and Minds
Tuesday, October 19
  • Learn how today's digital communications are measured, from email open rates, to on-site audience quality, and from social media engagements to conversion tracking.

Session #7 will cover two topics:
Tuesday, October 26

1) YOU are the Message - Mastering the Art of Face-to-Face Communications
  • Identify the individual influencers you need to reach to advance your issues and present yourself for the greatest impact.
  • Enhance your ability to influence audiences through the way you communicate in networking situations, one-on-one meetings, and group meetings.

2) Navigating Risk on the Big Tech Platforms - How to Position Yourself and Your Organization for Success
  • Gain awareness of how to position yourself and your organization for platform risk-avoidance and potential de-platforming.
  • Prepare for redundancy to ensure you maintain communications with your audiences under any circumstances.

Session #8: Pulling It All Together - Capstone Project
Tuesday, November 2
  • Using one, some, or all of the techniques you've learned in the fellowship, develop your individual strategy and action plan to advance a policy issue(s) of your choice.

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