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Free Trade and the Impact on Minnesota
International trade and investment support more than a quarter million jobs in Minnesota. The majority of these jobs are in the manufacturing and agriculture sectors. American manufacturers are most competitive in the world market when they have access to steel, aluminum, and other inputs at competitive prices. Trade policies aimed to benefit one area of manufacturing over another, such as tariffs on steel and aluminum, not only harms the users of these products, but also farmers and ranchers. Agriculture exporters in Minnesota, and across the country, should not be the victims of poor trade policy. Instead, the hard-working men and women of Minnesota need trade policies that prioritize opening new markets, as well as keeping domestic markets open for imports of intermediate goods. Join Tori Whiting, Jay Van Andel Trade Economist at the Heritage Foundation, John Phelan, Economist at The Center of the American Experiment, with remarks by Jonathan Zierdt, President and CEO of Greater Mankato Growth Inc., and Gary Koch, VP and General Counsel of Christensen Farms and Vice Chair of the GreenSeam Board of Governors, as they discuss how Minnesota and the US can continue to benefit from free trade.

Additional Event Details:

  • When: June 20, 2018 from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM
  • Where: Greater Mankato Business Development Center, 1961 Premier Dr., Mankato, MN 56001, Sakatah Trail Conference Room
  • Lunch will be provided